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  • Barbara Maulding, LCPC, Ph.D, Clinical Supervisor

    My clients are people who want to change. They are getting sick of the trauma patterns and pain that anxiety causes and want to start new. They want a better future for themselves, partner, kids, family, friends, etc. They are open minded about creative ways to get to a healing place and are willing to step outside of the box to try something new. They want to get better and want to find a place where healing starts.

    I am a holistic therapist and what that means is that I incorporate a variety of nontraditional therapeutic practices into what I do. I have a background in trauma and anxiety and do well with helping to create change for individuals who want to create new beginnings. I work best with the individuals who are motivated to create their own life. As mentioned before I am a holistic therapist, I am trained and certified in Reiki (Master level), Auma Khua-ki (Master level), EMDR, and TF-CBT. I am also a clinical supervisor for an amazing team. Typically, my approach to therapy is to navigate and understand your path so that I can create a treatment that will fit and work for you. I am spiritual in nature and have and can incorporate other tools into the therapeutic process, such as spiritual modalities that are not commonly combined with talk therapy. If you feel like we are a good fit, you are welcome to send me an email and we can get you started. Remember, it’s okay to be human and it’s okay to ask for help!